IWABO FAQs – Answered by Steven


Is that really a girl screamin’ er whatever?!
Yep… and singing too.


What gear do you use?
Courtney – Sennheiser 945
Steven/John – Samson Wireless, GHS Strings, ESP guitars (ESP Horizon and MH body styles mainly), EMG Pickups (Steven uses 81 & 60, John uses 81 & 85), Axe FX II, Orange PPC412 Cabs, In-Tune Picks
Ricky – Samson Wireless, GHS Strings, ESP basses, Hartke LH1000 head, Hartke HX810 cab, EMG Pickups, In-Tune Picks
Mikey – Gretsch Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Iron Cobra Pedals, Pro Mark sticks
Software – Propellerhead Reason, Toontrack, Pro Tools


What do you tune to?
Drop B – low to high it is B-F#-B-E-G#-C#


What’s the coolest place you’ve played?
Tough to say… there are quite a few cities that feel like home to us so those are always sick!  At this point we’ve played in over 30 countries all over the world, and it’s pretty much impossible to pick a favorite!


When are you coming to Wherethefuckever, Somestateorcountry?!
Chances are that we have either played there recently or will be playing there shortly! Click the TOUR button above and look! Honestly, we don’t have the luxury of picking every place we play, but rest assured we would love to play your hometown so hit up a local promoter and have them contact our agent in your respective country!


What kinda bear was it?!
Oh my fucking god. I get it. Because of the band name right? Holy shit I’ve never heard that before. Please ask me again in an interview so that I can answer while pretending I don’t want to stab you in the face… I MEAN…. uh… Kodiak or Panda or whatever! Lolz! Omg! Bbq! :)


Where did you get the band name?
Gary Busey said it on a TV show called “I’m With Busey” and it seemed like a great band name. Yes we have now hung out with the man himself Gary Fucking Busey, and he is awesome. He also introduced us on stage in Ventura, CA and everyone in the audience seemed really fucking confused. Dreams CAN come true people! Gary Busey for President.


Why is your name written as one word with no capitalization?
I changed our name on MYSPACE (yes it was THAT long ago that myspace was still relevant) from I Wrestled A Bear Once to iwrestledabearonce back in 2007 because i thought it was more aesthetically pleasing and, well, I was bored one day when I got home from work. The change seemed to really piss people off: “What the fuck happened to yer profile name?!” “Why’s yer shit all fucked up and one word?!” “I can’t read your stupid name” etc etc… and from there we just ran with it and decided that would be the way we would always write our name.


What exercises do you do for practice?
Honestly, none of us have strict warm-up rituals or practice exercises that we do. Also, none of us are really nerdy with theory and we are quite comfortable with our sub-par musicianship and love music with passion that just sounds good more than we love music that’s shreddy/tech/whatever. We love and respect both styles, but I think we’d all rather see somebody punch their instrument til they bleed on the first 10 rows of people than see them nail a killer arpeggio while looking bored as fuck… And better yet, they should be doing both simultaneously.


What the fuck is “metal just got gay”?
Many years ago on metalsucks.net, we received one of our first favorable reviews on the interwebs…and one of the first few comments was simply “metal just got gay.” We thought this was so ignorantly brilliant that we HAD to print it on shirts in rainbow foil to mock this person’s stupidity as well as make a statement that we give no fucks and support all people regardless of sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc and so should you. None of us currently in the band are gay, but we did previously have a gay guitarist fill in for us on 3 tours… and who gives a shit? People are people. Respect each other and be happy.


Where did you record your albums?
Self-Titled EP – My bedroom. And it was never meant to be released! Just a collection of our song ideas, so the quality is pretty shitty!
It’s All Happening – Ross Robinson’s house on Venice Beach.
Ruining It For Everybody – The basement of our band house in Birmingham, AL and some vocal parts in Parhelion Studios in Atlanta.
Late For Nothing – Our band house in Los Angeles, CA


How do you write songs?
We’re always writing on our laptops on tour even when we can’t play our instruments. After a while, we just share all of our ideas and jam on ones that we enjoy, and sometimes combine a lot of different ideas that make sense and go together well. Also we’re never scared to try crazy shit and keep it if it works! Propellerhead Reason 7 = best way to write on tour for sure. Also ToonTrack Superior Drummer for working on drum ideas when you’re on the road is amazing.


Where can I find your tabs?
We’ve never posted any because we would rather encourage you to write your own crazy shit! Don’t learn our songs, just pick up your instrument and come up with something interesting that you enjoy. Also, we are very lazy… and tabbing out songs takes a long time.


So what’s up with Krysta?
Our original singer Krysta left the band during Warped Tour (Summer 2012) to have a kid with her fiance and do the stay-at-home mom/family thang. Courtney replaced her the very next day and we didn’t miss a show of Warped or the following 68-date world tour.